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End mill tool is used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing


End mill tool is used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing

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CNC end mill is used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing, automotive engine turbocharger shell processing special high temperature cast steel milling cutter after many years of development, China's numerical control tool industry gradually mature, not only rich in types and complete specifications, greatly meet the mold manufacturing market demand.With the economy in recession, many business owners are looking for ways to cut costs and boost productivity.So their long service life, and affordable CNC cutting tools in particular.CNC cutter types, specifications, a large number of the more common in the market is milling cutter, boring cutter, reamer, drill, turning tool and broach, etc.They are widely used in high hardness, high strength of the cutting industry, automotive engine milling cutter such as fine mechanical processing technology, automotive, energy, motorcycle industry, automotive and electronic information technology and other industries.

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