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Coating tungsten carbide insert


Coating tungsten carbide insert

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Coating tungsten carbide insert

1) The coating substance of CVD vapor deposition is TiC, which improves the durability of cemented carbide tool by 1-3 times. Coating thickness; A blunt edge; It is beneficial to increase the speed life.

2) The coating materials of PVD physical vapor deposition were TiN, TiAlN and Ti(C,N), which increased the durability of cemented carbide tool by 2-10 times. Thin coating; The blade is sharp; Reduces cutting force.

Maximum thickness of coating ≤16um CBN and PCD Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is second only to diamond in hardness and thermal conductivity. It has high thermal stability and good chemical stability, so it is suitable for processing hardened steel, hard cast iron, high-temperature alloy and hard alloy.

When polycrystalline gold rigid body (PCD) is used as a cutting tool, it can be sintered on the hard alloy matrix to carry out fine processing on the non-metal and non-iron alloy materials with wear resistance and high hardness, such as hard alloy, ceramics, high silicon aluminum alloy, etc.

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