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Reliable tungsten carbide---Carbide rolls


Reliable tungsten carbide---Carbide rolls

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Zhuzhou Jinxin Cemented Carbide Co, Ltd have most reliable tungsten carbide rolls, that is a valuable products for all over the world from Zhuzhou, China.

tungsten carbide roll    tungsten carbide roll

focus on manufacture industry 20 years, expecially steel manufacturing in last 20 years. Chinese steel manufacture developed fast with huge demand, our rolls supplied most steel factories. More over, we research and study for improving quality.

tungsten carbide rolls    tungsten carbide rolls


The rolls include, pre-finishing mill; finishing mill and reducing and sizing mill.

The pre-finishing mill standard is produce 3500-4000 tons steel.

The finishing mill standard is produce 1800-2500 tons steel.

The reducing and sizing mill standard is produce 600-1200 tons steel.


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