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Tungsten carbide roll selection


Tungsten carbide roll selection

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The commonly used tungsten carbide roll materials and uses are shown in the table. The performance and quality of the rolls generally depend on their chemical composition and manufacturing method and can be evaluated by their structural, physical and mechanical properties as well as the type of residual stress present inside the rolls (see tungsten carbide roll inspection). The effect of the roll in the rolling mill depends not only on the material of the roll and its metallurgical quality, but also on the conditions of use, roll design, operation and maintenance. The conditions of the rolls of different types of rolling mills vary greatly, and the factors that cause the differences are:

tungsten carbide roll

(1) tungsten carbide roll mill conditions. Such as mill type, rolling mill and roll design, hole design, water cooling conditions and bearing types;

(2) tungsten carbide roll conditions such as rolled material varieties, specifications and deformation resistance, reduction system and temperature system, production requirements and operations;

(3) Requirements for product quality and surface quality.

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