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New process for manufacturing composite tungsten carbide roll


New process for manufacturing composite tungsten carbide roll

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Composite tungsten carbide roll ring

In order to meet the requirements of modern rolling production, a new cemented carbide composite roll casting (CIC, CAST IN CARBIDE) composite tungsten carbide roll. The technology is to cast a tungsten carbide roll with a ductile iron inner sleeve. There is a key connection between the roller ring and the roller shaft. This type of coupling is subjected to rolling force by a cemented carbide material having extremely high hardness and excellent wear resistance in the outer layer of the composite tungsten carbide roll, and the torque is transmitted by the ductile cast iron having good strength and toughness in the inner layer. Structural features of CIC composite rolls:

(1) The composite layer is used to enhance the strength and toughness of the roller ring and to withstand large rolling loads;

(2) The contact between the tungsten carbide roll and the roller shaft is achieved by the interference fit, which solves the problem that the cold-installed structure is easy to break the key and makes the rolling process more stable;

(3) There is no gap between the contact surface of the tungsten carbide roll and the roller shaft, and the deformation of the roller ring caused by the corrosion of the contact surface by the cooling water containing impurities is avoided.

The development of cast-in CIC composite roll ring technology is a new combination of powder metallurgy technology and casting technology, and is a major advancement in the application of composite wear-resistant material technology on rolls.

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