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Powder metallurgy composite tungsten carbide roll ring


Powder metallurgy composite tungsten carbide roll ring

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The technology of composite tungsten carbide roll ring combines a cemented carbide ring with a steel matrix with Ni, Cr powder added by powder metallurgy. The main point of the process is that the cemented carbide powder is first pressed and sintered into a tungsten carbide roll ring, and then molded and sintered with the selected steel-based powder. There is a strong metallurgical connection between the tungsten carbide and the steel base. The key to the process is to master the sintering temperature of 1100 ~ 1200 °C and the pressure conditions of 100 ~ 120 MPa. The sintered blanks tungsten carbide roll are subjected to roughing, stress-relieving and other processes, and finally refined and ground.

Manufacturing tungsten carbide roll, by selecting the appropriate matrix material, coupled with advanced processes and ratios, the residual stress between the cemented carbide and the steel matrix in the composite roll can be low. This powder metallurgy technology has created a new era in the preparation of tungsten carbide roll materials.

tungsten carbide roll ring

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