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About us

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       Company has laid a strong technical foundation, accumulated excellent production, technology and management talents, and met global customer requirements by virtue of large-scale production, advanced process technologies, rapid and efficient new product development, strong supply capacity and stable quality.
        The comprehensive production line of Zhuzhou Jinxin will solve your production problems comprehensively! Hard alloy division: specialize in producing hard alloy ball gears, brazing sheets, wire-drawing dies, roll collars, cold heading dies, mineral alloy, shield blades, litchi surface hard alloy bits, serrated fins, woodworking blades, alloy milling cutters, hard alloy plates, hard alloy round bars, hard alloy molds, tungsten steel molds, and special alloy.
        CNC cutter division: specialize in producing hard alloy blades, CNC blades, and CNC cutters.
        Precision mold machining division: specialize in deep-processing hard alloy precision molds, wear parts, valves, valve seats, sealing rings and other non-standard specially-shaped products.
        Mineral drilling and digging tool division: specialize in producing ball gears, drill bits, down-the-hole drill bits, eccentric bits, pipe bits, oil field bits, compact bits, impacters, etc.
        Tire spike division: specialize in designing and producing various types of motorcycle, racing car and automobile tire spikes, outdoor shoe spikes and other antiskid engineering solution services.
        Tungsten-molybdenum refractory metal product division: produce tungsten crucibles (kyropoulos method), tungsten-molybdenum crucibles (heat exchange method), tungsten heaters, tungsten insulated pipes, tungsten/molybdenum sheets, molybdenum reflecting screens, tungsten/molybdenum support pieces, tungsten/molybdenum cover plates and their supporting stainless steel sheets.
        Through years of operation, Zhuzhou Jinxin has had proprietary import and export rights, and sold its products to 36 countries in the world, with the product quality receiving good praises from customers and wining good reputations from customers all over the world; meanwhile, it has also had modeled a honest and dedicated marketing and service team with profound professionalism.
        Zhuzhou Jinxin has passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certification, had proprietary import and export rights, and obtained many Chinese patents.