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JX9-12-1 Tungsten Carbide Antislip Tire Studs Manufacturer

1. Studs pin

Content: WC, Co
Density (g/cm3):10.0-14.0
HAR:>1380 HV30
TRS (N/MM2):1660
Porosity (ISO): Free carbon and graphite phase: Metallurgical: A04B02C02E00
Grain size (um):1.2-2.0
Wear indicators: 71±7.5
Pin color: black

2. Studs set

Material: Low carbon steel, Aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, Iron
surface processing: Zinc plated (no surface cracks, corrosion, and no separation of the zinc coating)

Set color: yellow, golden, green, black, bronze


We are a factory with 7 years which specialized in produce JX9-12-1 Tungsten Carbide Antislip Tire Studs.

If you have any questions,please do not hesitate to contact me.

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