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1.  Tungsten carbide balls
2.  tungsten carbide ball grinding ball

Tungsten carbide balls

1. material :  WC 94%,Co 6%
We can also provide other material as your request. Such as: WC 92%, Co 8%; WCNi

2. features :
 high hardness , high precision , high antirust capability, high wear-resistant capability.

 3. Application:
 grinding, hardness examine machine, avigation , grinding machine, head pressure, and so on.

Small carton box inner,carton box outter. The package of Tungsten carbide roll which from Zhuzhou tungsten carbide base are available based on customers' requirements.


For drawing steel and nonferrous wires or bars or tubes,tools or war parts etc.

Grades as following :
YG6,YG6X,YG8,YG8.2,YG8L,YG15,YG20,YG20C,YG20D etc are the traditional material,suitable for the normal tungsten carbide roller.

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