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  • Product name: Tungsten Carbide Ball with High Quality and Low Price
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Product Information:


1.  Tungsten carbide balls
2.  tungsten carbide ball grinding ball

Tungsten carbide balls

1. material :  WC 94%,Co 6%
We can also provide other material as your request. Such as: WC 92%, Co 8%; WCNi

2. features :
 high hardness , high precision , high antirust capability, high wear-resistant capability.


 3. Application:

 Grinding, hardness examine machine, avigation , grinding machine, head pressure, and so on.

4. Package:
Small carton box inner,carton box outter. The package of Tungsten carbide roll which from Zhuzhou tungsten carbide base are available based on customers' requirements.

5. Using:

For drawing steel and nonferrous wires or bars or tubes,tools or war parts etc.

6. Grades as following :

YG6,YG6X,YG8,YG8.2,YG8L,YG15,YG20,YG20C,YG20D etc are the traditional material,suitable for the normal tungsten carbide balls.



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