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tungsten carbide stip blank/finish

-- High impact, good wear resistance
--  sizes & types are available 
--  Well grounded and blanks are available
-- 100% pure raw material & direct factory produce and selling
-- Advanced equipement
-- Skilled technician
-- Many sizes & types, OEM is available
-- Trial order is welcomed
-- ISO certificate
Tungsten carbide strip sheet steel plate
It includes a rectangular plate carbide plates, carbide angled plate.
Carbide sheet, with characteristic high wear resistance, high hardness. Mainly applicable to all types of anti-stamping dies, cold heading die, such as mold.
Recommended grades:
Carbide plates for the following grades
JD03 91.5 applicable to cast iron and non-ferrous metal finishing YG3
JD06 90.5 apply to non-ferrous rough YG6
JD06X 91.7  apply to non-ferrous metals and hardened steel cutting YG6X
JD08 89.7 suitable for wear-resistant material YG8
JD08C 90.5 applies to coal drilling tool YG8C
JD10 88  light drills and drill bits with ball gear YK15.0
JD15 87.6 applies to chisel the hard and the harder rock YK15.6
JD20 87.3 applies to ball tooth and the drill bit, chisel in hard case than the hard rock  YK20
JD25 87  applies to chisel hard rocks  YG11C
JD25Z 87.5 suitable mining tools, wear parts box YG11
JD30 85.5 heavy-duty drills with the ball gear, cutting hard rock YG15C
JD30Z 86.5 suitable for cold heading Die YG15
JD35 82.5  for large diameter screw die YG20C
JD35Z 84 applies profiled Cold Heading Die YG20
JD40 91  for a variety of milling and hole machining tool YG012





carbide strips



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